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Heater Tip

Published:2019-03-30 16:20 Writer:admin Click:


1、Heater tip description
   Heater tip also knows as heater tool, hot bar head. It is a heater, the current flow through it, and it begins to heat up. The thermocouple which installed on its surface will sense its temperature and feedback to the controller. The temperature will remain at the set temperature. The heater tip transfers heat to the work piece being weld. This method has a little thermal impact on the surrounding parts.

2、Heater Tip Model Description
1) All of the Titanium Heater tips are customized.
2) The advantage of Titanium heater tip is that the temperature consistency is right.
  Can be used on the hot bar for major brands on the market. Its main applications are the focus on FPC and PCB soldering.LCD and TCP bonding, cover wire and terminal welding and plastic melting.