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Plastic Staking Tip

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1、Plastic staking  tip description
     Plastic staking tip was known as the riveting tip, melting tip. It is a heater to melt the plastic. Meanwhile, it is a mold to reform the plastic post after melting. The current flow through the tip, it became heat then transfer heat to the plastic and let the plastic melt. It lifts after cooling down, so the plastic reformed and can prevent the burr occurred.

2、Plastic staking tip illustration
      All the tips are customized.

3、Plastic staking tip shapes use cases

      Cylindrical        Cylindrical with Rangle        Hole flanging             Hemispherical                      Long strip

4Plastics Staking Process Introduction
Process example: rise time 1.2s, hold temp 260℃, hold time 5s, release temperature 100℃.
1)Compact structure: it integrates wires, fixtures, cooling tubes, heaters into a small package.
2)Low energy consumption: Due to the heater is thin, high impedance and small in size, all small currents allow it to heat up to a set temperature.
3)Suitable for rivet-intensive products due to its small size.
4)Cost-effective: One controller can power more than one tip simultaneously.
5)High quality: Real temperature monitoring, rapid temperature rising and cooling. After the plastic is completely cooled, the tip will be lifted.No stick and burrs.

6、Different plastics and their corresponding heat staking difficulty
Serial number Material Difficulty
1 ABS easy
2 ABS+PC easy
3 AES easy
4 AS easy
5 ASA easy
6 PA6 general
7 PA66+GF30 difficult
8 PBT easy
9 PBT+GF30 general
10 PC easy
11 PE easy
12 PET general
13 PMMA easy
14 POM easy
15 PP easy
16 PPO easy
17 PPS+GF30 general
18 PS easy
19 PVC difficult
20 LCP difficult