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New product launch

HT-XY Series 3-axis Robotic Hot Bar

Published:2019-03-30 16:14 Writer:admin Click:
1、HT-XY 3-axis robotic hot bar main features
1) Programmable for each welding point in the X, Y direction.
2) A self-developed control system based on PLC and HMI  technology.
3) User-friendly interface.
4) The reinforced XY axis is especially suitable for high-frequency welding and staking applications.
5) Very convenient to connect with the HN series controller.

2、HT-XY Technical Parameters
Model: HT-XYZ2205
Input voltage: DC 220V
Power: 350W
Driving force: Step motor or servo motor
Matching controller: HN-300,HN-1000(standard),HN-3000
The number of heater tips: 1 pcs
Fixture: 1  pcs
Fixture driving method: Step motor or servo motor
Repeatability: ±0.05mm
Type of heater tip: Molybdenum  or Titanium
Force adjustment method: sroke adjustment and spring
Solder feeder: No
Installation: desktop
Heater tip cooling: Compressed air
PLC control: Yes
HMI control: Yes
Dimensions(mm): L*W*H=480*420*625(mm)
Weight: 56Kg

3、HT-XY Applications
Electrical parts soldering, Plastic staking, melting. Equipped on various automatic machines.

4、Application Use Cases