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New product launch

Customized Plastic Staking Machine

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1、Plastics Staking Process Introduction
Process example: rise time 1.2s, hold temp 260℃, hold time 5s, release temperature 100℃.
2、Different plastics and their corresponding heat staking difficulty
Serial number Material Difficulty
1 ABS easy
2 ABS+PC easy
3 AES easy
4 AS easy
5 ASA easy
6 PA6 general
7 PA66+GF30 difficult
8 PBT easy
9 PBT+GF30 general
10 PC easy
11 PE easy
12 PET general
13 PMMA easy
14 POM easy
15 PP easy
16 PPO easy
17 PPS+GF30 general
18 PS easy
19 PVC difficult
20 LCP difficult

3、MJ-300-4  Main Features
1) Welding pressure will be controlled by spring adjustment and won't be affected by air pressure fluctuations. 
2) Easy to maintenance and low maintenance cost, due to the simple structure design.
3) A built-in controller will control every heater tool to reduce interference. 
4) Floor-standing design, easy to transport and installation. 
5) PID will control the temperature of every staking process to ensure the quality. 
6) A variety of protective measures to make the machine safer and more reliable.

4、MH-300-4 Technical Parameters
Model: MJ-300-4
Input voltage: DC 220V ±10%  50HZ
Power: 1.5KW
Driving force: Pneumatic
Number of controllers: built-in 4 sets HN-300
The number of heater tips: 4 pcs
Fixture: 1  pcs
Fixture driving method: Pneumatic
Repeatability: ±0.05mm
Type of heater tip: Customized heat staking  tool
Force adjustment method: stroke adjustment and spring
Solder feeder: No
Installation: Floor-standing
Heater tip cooling: Compressed air
PLC control: Yes
Dimensions(mm)L*W*H: 600*500*1800
Net weight: 76Kg

5、MJ-300-4 Applications
Motor plastic housing, Car door locks, headlights, Car door plastics parts, steering wheel, gauges.

6、Application Use Cases