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HJ-100-40 Series Pneumatic Welder Head

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1、HJ-100-40  Main Features
1) Welding pressure is controlled by spring adjustment and won't be affected by air pressure fluctuations.
2) Easy to maintenance and low maintenance cost, due to the simple structure design.
3) Cost-effective, ideal for use in situations where pre-welding preparation time is long.
4) Small size and lightweight. Suitable for production lines that frequently change products.
5) Both Molybdenum tips and Titanium tool can be installed.
6) Signal integration, simple wiring.

2、HJ-100-40  Technical Parameters
Model: HJ-100-40-M,HJ-100-40-TD,HJ-100-40-TS
Input voltage: DC 24V
Power: 2.5W
Driving force: compressed air
Matching controller: HN-300,HN-1000(standard),HN-3000
The number of heater tips: 1 pcs
Fixture: 1 pcs
Fixture driving method: manually
Repeatability: ±0.05mm
Type of heater tip: Molybdenum  or Titanium
Force adjustment method: spring
Solder feeder: No
Installation: Desktop
Heater tip cooling: Compressed air
PLC control: No
Dimensions(mm): L*W*H=330*250*532
Weight: 26Kg
Note: M: Molybdenum; TD: Titanium single-sided lock screw; TS: Titanium double-sided lock screw.

3、HJ-100-40 Applications
FPC&PCB bonding,IC bonding,Cover wires welding,MCC soldering,Plastic staking.

4、Application Use Cases