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New product launch

HN-300 Plastic Staking Controller

Published:2019-03-30 15:45 Writer:admin Click:

1、HN-300 Main Features
1)Advanced real-time temperature collection and controlling ARM system.
2)Original invention of the PID and adaptive algorithm.
3)Large size LCD, user-friendly interface.
4)Support  the RS-485 serial communication and Ethernet communication.
5)Abundant ports  for various automation modular combination.
6)Modular design, more stable running.
7)Suitable for low power applications.

2、HN-300 Technical Parameters

Model: HN-300
Input voltage:AC 220V~240V 50HZ
Output voltage: AC 3.8V
Temperature setting range: RTC~600℃
Thermode: E type & K type
Communication port: RS-485(2wires or 4 wires)  Modbus RTU
Ethernet: IPv4 Modbus TCP/IP
Language: Simplified Chinese & English
Program number:20
Parameter number:3
Temperature condition: 4 step
Password protection: enable
Interface:7inch LCD
Net weight:14kg
Dimensions: L*W*H=274*225*207(mm)
Note: Due to the product iteration, parameters are subject to change without notice.

3、HN-300 Applications
  Electrical parts soldering, Plastic staking, melting. Equipped on various automatic machines.

4、Application Use Cases