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Corporate Culture

We adhere to the principle of teamwork spirit and cooperation to build a harmonious and bright future for Meihao. Our corporate culture is the solid foundation for constant innovation and prosperity. We are ready for any challenge.
Meihao’s Mission
Harmonious Development, Bright Future
Meihao’s Principle
Ideology—People First Common Progress
Concept——Enterprise Revitalization is our common responsibility.
Criteria——Cooperation & Mutual Benefit  High Quality & &Efficiency
Brand——Good Quality, Prosperous Forever
Meihao’s Spirit
Study, Study, Study Further
Try Hard, Try Hard ,Try Harder
Fight,Fight, Fight Further
Meihao, Meihao, Better Future
Operation Philosophy
Quality is our first priority.
Service is our second advantage
Customers are our solid foundation
Meihao’s Ambition
Outstanding profession and technology, spare no efforts to make contributions to harmonious development and better future, better life.