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Company Profile

        Suzhou Meihao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Hengjing Industrial Park, Wuzhong District, Suzhou city in Jiangsu province. Well known for its convenient transportation and great geographical location, Meihao is a high-tech welding automation equipment supplier and a integrated enterprise with the ability to R&D, manufacture,sell and provide service. Meihao always focus on developing cutting-edge high precision pulse hot press machines, supported by our own professional R&D and processing teams. Our pulse hot press machines and other automation equipment has entered into the global market, stand to the international quality and technology inspection. Moreover, we have taken the advantage of low manufacturing cost and further meet the needs of customers widely. High quality ,efficiency and innovation makes us stand out in this industry.
       Our main products are pulse hot pulse hot-pressing welding machine, cnstant temperature hot welding machine, Automatic Soldering Robot , Enameled wire spot welder, Rotary extrusion welding machine, Battery protection circuit welding machine, FPC welding machine and so on. Nowadays, our products are widely used in FPC welding, FFC welding, extremely fine coaxial cable ,LCD assembly, USB and HDMI welding , plastic rivets manufacturing and other industries because of  microelectronic control technology which is featured by the characteristics of energy saving、high efficiency, accurate control, simplified operation.
       Excellent after-sale service system is also of great advantage for Meihao. Our products has not only dominate the domestic market but also has a sustainable market share in overseas market.
       We adhere to the principle of teamwork spirit and cooperation to build a harmonious and bright future for Meihao. Our corporate culture is the solid foundation for constant innovation and prosperity. We are ready for any challenge.